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Everyone is now going to get $10,000 dismissed upon income verification. If you do not verify your income on January. First, your payments will start back up automatically to receive a full dismissal not just the $10,000 dismissal a petition will be filed on your behalf so that.


Hey, it's Jenny with the financial hardship department. I'm not sure if you've spoken to and assign agent yet regarding our hardship program, but I do see that you approved for a hardship loan up to $37,000. This will can be used for any purpose including paying off debt or unexpected bills that credit is accepted. So what I'm going to do is keep this in a pending status and if you have about five minutes today go ahead and give me a call back so we can go over the details. My number is 855-290-3883 again that number is 855-290-3883 and anyone can help out in case. I'm busy hope this helps out.


Again like I said I'm with Medicare rewards and you can press I'm with Medicare rewards regarding your insurance warranty my call back number is 866-951-2805.

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block Spam 779-758-8134

"This message is for Michelle Mander it seems we have exhausted all resources to try to reach you in regards to a collection matter in our office there were several attempts by the creditor for you to respond and handle the situation this is been our attempt to get your attention on this account before it is deemed a delivered attempt to evade the issue contact Karen Miller if you wish to gather more information to handle this account 833-486-0392." Call from 779-758-8134. Funny, I have zero debt, not even a dollar owed to a credit card account or car loan and sold my house so no money owed there. I check my credit weekly. Clearly a scam caller.

Nichole Menzer
9/19/22 12:53 PM

block Spam 779-315-3315

Buy warranty policy from them

A YouMail Subscriber
9/13/22 5:25 PM

block Spam 779-228-3002

Found spam likely pop up on phone

9/8/22 5:35 PM

block Spam 779-888-9121

Called back. Get a message ?A serious error has occurred. Good bye.? Then a hang up.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/7/22 7:50 AM

block Spam 779-213-5544

This is an SCAM AMAZON number the scammer uses and asks for pic of driver’s license or State ID. The loser little Indian and Paki boys and girls. Just don’t do it

Nada Bait
9/2/22 10:23 AM

block Spam 779-280-0882

Accidentally called this number back and there is nothing on the other end. Answers and silence. Get about 6 calls from random numbers including this ine all linked back to Ameritech IL6

A YouMail Subscriber
8/11/22 12:09 PM

block Spam 779-216-1825

Hi, my name is Jerry lemon. This is the notification call from our department of tax dad and financial Settlement Services. There is new programs that can help you reduce or eliminate your debt completely. Well that your tax check can now be considered temporarily non collectible. You can call me back. My personal desk 888-317-6844. That's 888-317-6844.

A YouMail Subscriber
8/8/22 11:19 AM

block Spam 779-202-5275

Calls but wont leave message

A YouMail Subscriber
8/5/22 7:29 AM

block Spam 779-243-0455

They called from looking for Agnes Jones I have no dealing in Frankfort IL thank you stop calling please thank you

Agnes Jones
8/1/22 7:57 AM

block Spam 779-201-9130

Called me from this number saying my identity had been stolen and used to traffic drugs.

7/28/22 10:41 AM

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