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(775) 504-5756 was a Vehicle Warranty Scam

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This is Charlotte with the transport yes. Hi, this is Charlotte with the Transportation warranty authority you can call me back toll free at 855-221-0879 and the reason for the call is to provide you a state required update regarding the recently approved transportation relief program due to our records indicated that you own a vehicle that is less than 15 years old. We just wanted to make sure you knew about the new financial relief program you now qualify for you can call us back to find out how you can enroll the number here toll free is 855-221-0879. I will also log your file as notified. So you won't receive any more calls. Okay.


Hi, this is Daniel with the student Services department. I'm just following up in regards to your outstanding federal student loan balances. We have to try to reach out to you because you are eligible for the federal student loan forgiveness program due to the changes made in 2021. It is imperative that I speak with you as soon as possible and sick over 19 student loan payment play is about to come through and you can reach options. 567663 again, that's 619377663. I look forward to speaking with you and have a great day.


Yes. Hi, this is Amanda with the student loan release program and you can reach me at 844-877-0123. I'm actually reaching out to you regarding your student loan balance really really good news for you. I looks like you have been selected and pre, qualified for the student loan forgiveness program. However, it is important that we speak to you so we can fit you into this program at this offered for a very limited time. So again here is my number 844-877-0123 and I look forward to speaking with you thank you.


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(775) 504-5756

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