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(775) 504-5197 was a Vehicle Warranty Scam

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This is a final call concerning the vehicle service contract on your vehicle. Take advantage of reinstatement and renewal opportunities before the coverage runs out declining coverage will make repair and emergency cost come out of pocket. Take advantage of reinstatement by pressing one now to speak to one of our agents or press three to decline and be removed.


Leave program. Hello, this is a very important state wide update to make you aware of the new economic impact tax relief program. We are required by the state to informed us on our list that has taxed at about the new.


Yes. Hi, this is Amanda with the student loan release program and you can reach me at 844-877-0123. I'm actually reaching out to you regarding your student loan balance really really good news for you. I looks like you have been selected and pre, qualified for the student loan forgiveness program. However, it is important that we speak to you so we can fit you into this program at this offered for a very limited time. So again here is my number 844-877-0123 and I look forward to speaking with you thank you.


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(775) 504-5197

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