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Hello. We are calling from online listing group because your Google Business listing needs a sentence. If your listing is not showing up properly, customers will not be able to contact you or find your business location and could think you're close. If you're the business owner, press one now to verify or update your information. Press nine to opt out or dial to eight seven seven five five six nine two five five.


Hello, this is Business Listing Therapication with an urgent message. We are calling you because customers are looking for your company on Google Voice Search, and your business is not verified. Please press one to verify your business. Press two if you wish to have your business not displayed on Google Voice Searches, or call 8775569552 opt-out.


Yes this is Jenny calling from Mission credit approval Department. My phone number is 858-280-0860. I'm not sure if you've already spoken to an assigned agent but I do see you're approved for up to $48,000 on a few new programs that have recently taken effect. So well do is just go ahead and keep this in pending status for now and yeah and you have about 15 minutes today give me a call back and we can go over the details as well but again my phone number is 858-280-0860. We are open until five Pacific. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Calls everyday. Apparently first call received a couple of months back, gave them my email to send me information about the product they were offering. To date have received no email and they call at least once a day, are informed that I am in a meeting and they say they will send an email, then they call back the next day with the same routine.

Meghan Tanner
9/28/23 7:48 AM

ALWAYS KEEP THIS, [("Fraudulent")] PHONE ##: 737-204-5682 :? PERMANENTLY BLOCKED!, ENTIRELY!!!

11/23/22 5:55 AM

When I called it back there is a very generic recorded message stating "Thank you for calling The Fundraising Center, we are unable to take your call at this time. For more options, please press 9. Beep. Beep.". I pressed 9 then the message says “Press 1 to be removed from calling list or press 9 to hang up.” If you press 1 the message says “please allow 24 hours for your request to process. thank you, good bye.”." So, this is not a charity, but a TELEMARKETER using ROBOCALLING. This is the worst. (Sometimes when you dial the number back, it actually says "call failed.").

6/17/22 6:28 PM

Spoofed phone number, this number is out if service when called back.

6/9/22 8:40 AM

Press 7 to opt out

A YouMail Subscriber
1/4/22 9:45 AM

I received a call from this unknown number (+17372041894), which was auto filtered and marked as spam, as the Google Assistant asked who was calling and there was three seconds of silence; so then it was determined to be spam and declined by the Assistant. When I called the number back later it said server unavailable, or something like that, unreachable, maybe. Either way, I'm not sure what this call was for but it seems sketchy, and I will keep it blocked.

1/3/22 7:32 PM

Just got another call from Credit Control, from the number 737-204-0378! This is just a call from a company posing as a debt collector, I blocked it last week, but they are relentless, this is another number they are calling from which has not been listed on here before, so if you get a call that says credit control don't answer, as they are scammers and have many numbers with which they try hard to get you to pick up to them. DO NOT ANSWER OR YOU COULD BE AT RISK, AS NOW scammers can even charge things if you answer at all. It is just not a good idea to even answer I am now hearing now, as they have ways of then trying to charge you for things you did not buy or ask for. Best course of action I am finding is using my Digitone Blocker after they call and hang up and just blocking the callers. This is my second Digitone Blocker, and now a days they are a must if you wish to survive the horrible onslought of scam callers.

12/22/21 10:29 AM

(737) 204-9851 is a Robocall Do not answer.

Pony Boy
11/10/21 7:55 AM

Unsolicited SCAM or FRAUD caller refused to identify self and would not state purpose of the call.

Maddas L.
10/21/21 10:12 AM

Trying to reach someone else.

A YouMail Subscriber
8/20/21 9:34 AM

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