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(732) 203-4409 is a Tax Debt Reduction Spam


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Tax Debt Reduction Spam


Keyport, NJ US

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Hello, this is Ava Taylor and it's currently Friday, May 17th. I'm calling from Debt Free Solutions, the nonprofit organization. I was just reaching out to offer some information and a free consultation regarding your past due state and federal taxes. My number here is 8883552291 I had hoped to speak with you in person, but I can try to explain briefly here. We have two programs that I think might interest you. The first is a debt forgiveness program which puts your delinquent taxes into a non-collectible status. The second, which we think you'll find is more interesting, is the fresh start program. This works much like how it sounds, but there are some conditions. The good news is these could stop your wages from being garnished or your bank account levied. For the details, it would be better if you call us back. It doesn't take long and the consultation is completely free. I'll keep your account open to the end of the week. And again, my number is 8883552291 If you'd like to cancel your request and opt out of future notification, it's no problem. Please just call us back at this number and press 8. You'll be automatically removed from future announcements. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Hello, this is Jordan Williams, and today is Tuesday, May 21st. I'm calling you back from Debt Free Solutions. We're the nonprofit organization that spoke with you a while back. I've been checking our records and noticed that we were never able to finish your last application. We were missing some documents, and at this point, many of the programs we offered before are no longer available, but we do have some new ones that might be even better. If you wouldn't mind setting aside a few minutes later today to call me back, I can assure you it's worth your while. You can call us back at 8883552302 anytime before 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, which is 5 p.m. if you're on the West Coast. Again, the number is 8883552302 If you'd like to cancel your previous request with our office and opt out of future notifications, it's no problem. Just call us back and press 8 during the message. You'll be automatically removed from future announcements. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.


Hey this is Bill giving you a call back again. Today is Friday July 21. My number is 205-606-8788. We received a notification today that your business Dun & Bradstreet School was recently upgraded to a 76. Now this is a big deal because it put you in the top 10% of businesses in your industry and revenue range because of this great score. We're happy to say that your business has been prequalified for a business loan or credit line of anywhere between $10,000 and $500,000. The interest rates for these lines are extremely competitive and they really don't cost all that much. One of the best things about this offer is how fast we can get the money to you. If you say yes to this credit line we can have the funds ready for you in just 24 hours. But please remember these offers don't last forever. So please call me back directly at 205-606-8788. I hope you have a really good day and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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(732) 203-4409

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