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You that there is an order order number **** placed for Apple iPhone 12 pro using your Amazon account if you do not authorize this order into to refund your amount press one or press two to authorize this order.


This is transaction alert call from bank has office the Visa and Master Credit Card Support. There has been two transactions done on your credit card for $699 on Amazon and $4950 on Western Union. If you have made a transaction and accept the charges simply hang up. If you have not made a transaction and you wish to report fraud. Please press one or call 319-326-7052 immediately to dispute the charges.


Hi this is Daniel from Amazon Customer Service. We has been a recent order number AMD 0987 live on the 11th Row on your account which is billed on your card attached to your Amazon account. The amount charged is $1499. We noticed some suspicious activity on your account. So we have put in hold to this transaction. Please press one now and to report. Please press two. Thank you.

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block Spam 730-796-9382

This number tried to call me 5 times in one minute. My phone provided blocked each attempt, because it suspected the number is a spam caller or scam caller. Must be one or both if tried to call so many times within one minute. Thanks to Comcast and their relatively new Robo blocker which keeps our phone from ringing when called by suspected spammers. Furthermore, caller ID showed that "name not available" which means caller has blocked their ID which to me is prima facie evidence of being up to no good spammer or scammer.

12/4/21 1:20 PM

block Spam 730-802-7932

732-802-7932 phone keeps ringing. no message left. annoying!

11/22/21 3:32 PM

block Spam 730-301-2600

I looked at choice warranty online thinking about getting it.... I will NEVER do business with them. Everyday since they have email me 5+ emails, and literally called 12+ times a day example called 4 times today between 9am and 10am. Even after I told them to stop calling not interested. Then I even explained that I was dealing with husband in serious condition in hospital don't call back harassing me anymore. I am turning them in for harrassment and to BBB tomorrow.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

block Spam 730-943-6275

Security company out of business - owed refund scam

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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