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Hi my name is Ashley Johnson. How are you doing today. Hi my name is Ashley Johnson. How are you doing today. Hello can you hear me. Are you there. Can you hear me.


Hi, this is Rose, and I am responding to the inquiry that you submitted for health insurance. Are you looking for individual or a family plan? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?


Subsidy to cover your essential living costs. Please note this offer is time sensitive and the eligibility period ends today. This subsidy is available to individuals under 64 with an annual income of $50,000. Not currently enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. If you meet these criteria and want to claim your subsidy before the end of March 2024 press one now to speak with our support team. Don't miss out on this opportunity to alleviate financial burden. Press one for immediate assistance. For questions or dial our customer service at 833-867-3774.

Recent Reports for 724

No message left even though the call went to voicemail. Caller hid behind a generic location, but the space in the middle is a red flag. As is the message you get if you call back from a phone which can then block calls from coming in: "We don't recognize this number -- please call back from the one we called...." Did that a while back and clearly from the background noise got some sort of call center, and the woman who answered didn't like getting annoying music played at her in retaliation....

Yulia F
5/24/24 4:41 PM

Didn't recognize the number, and the gap between the city and state info on the caller ID is a red flag of possible spam. So let the call go to voicemail, but no message was left. Then Googled the number and this site was the first hit. I hate scammers with a passion.... I wish I could track them down so they'd all end up in jail cells....

Jane Doe
5/15/24 9:49 AM

An unwanted, unsolicited junk text from 724-401-5956 that said: "Hi have a nice day! Hopefully, you're well, I'm Anna from dating site, can we chat a little bit? " This is yet another scammer trying to be friendly so they can start a relationship and scam me. THEY TEXTED ON A SATURDAY AT 9:15 PM!

5/12/24 6:16 AM

Another ***ING spam text at 9:25 pm on a Saturday night!! These ****ers need to stop this crap!!

5/11/24 6:53 PM

Weightloss. Body Solutions. Not authorized.

5/5/24 10:23 AM

Safe call for my med supplied

A YouMail Subscriber
5/4/24 9:47 PM

Call came in today (SATURDAY!) before 10 AM! Robocall trying to get my husband to assent to things (he knows better, of course!). I tried calling # back on a "safe" phone and the FIRST time it seemed to be a car warranty/insurance scam (asking about how much mileage we put on cars on a regular basis!). Tried calling AGAIN (couldn't remember if they asked for mileage per month or per year) and got a COMPLETELY different message -- asking about what we paid for TV/Internet! So clearly some sort of AI call center (because they're too cheap to hire PEOPLE to answer the phone. CLEARLY some sort of scam!

Yuliya F
5/4/24 11:02 AM

I'm betting it IS spam though, because of the space between the city and state info on the caller ID. Tried calling back (on my cellphone, where I can block incoming calls if needed) and got a recording saying that the call could not got through as dialed! So, definitely NOT a legit call!

Yuliya F
5/4/24 10:55 AM

Scam call. Trying to steal ID and SS#. Report. Block.

5/3/24 1:48 PM

Caller ID said "PARKER, SARA" -- but when I answered, it was some guy with a heavy Indian accent in what sounded like a call center, calling about "Diabetic Health". Clearly # and caller ID was spoofed -- I found the # and name together on a lookup site -- and if I could do that? So could scammers....

Yuliya F.
5/3/24 9:22 AM

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