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I'm calling in regards to a review that was forwarded to my office. It is urgent that you call immediately to resolve this matter at 1-800-324-2162. I'm calling from Comenity Bank. Thank you.


This is Community Bank calling in regards to ****. At this point it is important that you return this call today as soon as possible to discuss the options that are available for you. Community Bank can be reached at 800-303-0468. The number again is 800-303-0468.


This is Community Bank calling in regards to New York and Company. Please make it a priority to return this call today regarding a matter of personal importance at 877-902-7524. Again that number is 877-902-7524.

Recent Reports for 720-456

Debt collection for former employee

A YouMail Subscriber
8/2/23 10:15 AM

A legit credit card company

A YouMail Subscriber
7/26/23 10:18 AM

The ID says Comenity Bank.. They never leave a message. I do not have an account with them..

6/26/23 3:55 PM

Not my bank, I don't even think it is a bank

4/23/23 9:40 AM

Many calls per day, sometimes there is nobody on the other end. One time I spoke to a lady who asked for somebody who does not live here...and they still keep calling. Many calls per day from the same bank, same story, nobody on the other end. This is pure harassment.

Richard J Polito
2/2/23 11:23 AM

Nasty lady with strong accent, claims I owe money on an account while I'm holding the cleared bank check in my hand. These people need to get a real job.

1/30/23 8:21 AM

This is a credit card company . use to be Gander mountain Credit card or Legendary Pine Master Card. There are many more. This is a legitimate number

1/11/23 8:54 AM

This number is spam calling me like 5 times a day

1/6/23 10:11 AM

I had a Sportsmans Guide Visa that uses this banking system. Their website has always been difficult to navigate. Plus quite often have maintenance issues. June and July of this year, the couple days they were going to be down for repairs was for most of 2 months. They were thoughtful enough to put up a disclaimer that they apologize for any inconveniences and blah blah blah wouldn't be charging any late fees while their website was down. After a couple of weeks of trying from before the beginning of July, I was able to log on and pay my credit card off. Day or 2 later I was able to get logged back on and checked to see it was paid off. It showed zero balance and I canceled the card. Been getting annoying calls from several numbers since.

12/23/22 4:22 PM

Annoying and calls no matter what. I’m not the person they are looking for nor do I know the people.

10/26/22 4:06 PM

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