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(716) 214-0822 was a Health Insurance Spam

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Hey, it's Allison with consumer debt for advocate's. I'm just following up with you regarding an inquiry for the hardship loan debt relief program. If you could give me a call back at 229-218-7499. It looks like we have a pre, approval for you that could help you eliminate 65000 and your high interest credit card medical collections and personal loan that looks like that pre, approval code is 051222 again that phone number is 229-218-7499 look forward to talking to you soon have a great day.


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(716) 214-0822

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The transcribing is pretty good, being able to see the message helps filter out spam callers.
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I really like this app. The premium features are worth the money to me especially the option of having another phone number you can give to people you don't really want to talk to. It is very good at blocking spammers and sales calls. Reporting a number that breaks through is a breeze, and stops further calls. Would like to see them work on the multiple contacts/editing contacts issue.
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For as long as I have had this service I have never had an issue until I got the Samsung S8+ and now it won't stay on my phone
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