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(716) 214-0503 was a Health Insurance Spam

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Hi, this is crystal at bureau insurance your local agency for Florida Blue I'm calling you to let you know that we have several health options available for you if you can please call me back as soon as you can so we can finalize the request you submitted online. My number is 772-600-1134 again, 772-600-1134, thanks and have a great day.


Hi this is Alley Jacobson. It looks like our records indicate that you qualify for a financial hardship loan taken eliminate credit card medical collections and personal debts over $10,000. Your approval code is 171022. I can only keep your approval open in my system for one more day. If you could call me as soon as possible at 240-597-2000. Again that's 240-597-2000. Thank you.


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(716) 214-0503

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