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(714) 687-8343 is a Tax Debt Reduction Scam

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Please do not hang up. This is a call regarding a back order on file tax returns. To speak with a tax professional. Please press to be placed on our do not call list please press nine.


Call from United cleaning Services, Inc. To accept press one to send a voicemail press two. Call from United cleaning Services to accept press one to send a voicemail press two.


Press nine. Hello, your tax file is just flying in my system for under filed. I R S tax returns court IRS back taxes. Your reference number is **** again, that's **** please call me within the next 24 to 48 hours as your file may be transferred out of my control you can call me at 771-333-5861 again, that's 771-333-5861 please ask to speak to someone in the resolution department again, that's the resolution department.


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(714) 687-8343

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People very much enjoy my sense of humor - and Yours!! People will call back - just to hear my message!! They love the directional commands to: bark like a dog, sing songs, turn around so many times, dial 43, etc. etc! It's the BEST! Thanks for discouraging my Robo calls!!!

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Great service Just like have your own personal receptionist it great

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Overall I am satisfied I have the free version at this time and I am pleased with the functionality. My only concern is the transcription, thus far it is the only shortcoming I have experienced
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