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(714) 687-8232

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Anaheim, CA US

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Hello this is Tina calling you from the simplified loan Solutions Underwriting Department. We're just reaching out to follow up on a preapproval notice that was mailed out to you a few days back. It looks like we just need some additional information to finalize your approval and we also like to inform you that the $75,000 preapproval offer is due to expire soon so we urge you to take advantage of this great opportunity to pay off your high interest loans and credit cards and possibly keep some extra cash in hand. Give us a call back so one of our agents can assist you with finalizing your funding.


Please do not hang up. This is a call. Hello your text I was just flagged(?) in my system for unfiled IRS tax return or IRS back tax. Your reference number is 185602. Again that's 185602. Please call me within the next 24 to 48 hours as your file maybe transferred out of my control. You can call me at 771-333-5861. Again that's 773335861. Please ask to speak to someone in the Resolution Department. Again that's the resolutions(?).


Energy upgrades for exterior paint new windows H B a C drought Tyler and landscaping crew roof and solar to find out how much your home is qualified for press one. If you're home has already been qualified press nine.


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(714) 687-8232

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Had this app for years on a few phones I've had , currently all my greetings I had saved n my profile, none of them work, and if I try listening to them, I get error messages. Hope its fixed. I tried different greetings and none work, its the same greeting set for any other greeting I set as default.
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Excellent Visual voicemail was the one thing I couldn't get from android that I could from iPhone.
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