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You recently inquired for assistance on your federal student loans. This call will connect you to a student loan professional who can walk you through reducing or eliminating where you will have a student loan professional join us on the line now press two if you no longer require our assistance for press nine. Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Hello, I'm the virtual server and us Department of health care. This is an important state wide update you should be aware of open enrollment for new health care plan is now under way and there are big discounts on early enrollment this year as an effort to protect you against high, class medical bill. The state has approved several new health insurance plan offered to you at a significant discount. These are 100% coverage plans with no copays and are offered as individual and families plant this special program is offered at a 50% discount from Sarah to market rent, but you must collect Liberals to to take advantage of the savings cards direct number here is 469-393-9408 he's available from 9:00 am to 7:00 PM during the special enrollment


Hello, I'm the virtual assistant for Mary Henderson state agent with the economic impact tax debt modification program. The purpose of my call is to inform those individuals on our state list that have tax debt about the new economic impact tax that modification program that you can now and Roland during the special enrollment period approved by the state the new economic impact program will significantly reduce or eliminate altogether your tax debt as it is now considered temporarily non, collectible. This is a big savings for those struggling with tax that however, the special enrollment is almost over so please call Mary back at 469-393-9404. This message is marked complete on behalf of Mary Henderson please call now.


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(714) 687-8183

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