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(714) 687-8153 is a Student Loan Scam

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Hello the Student Loan Debt Relief Department. Your case number is ****. Again that's **** your file will remain open in my system for only one more day. Please call me as soon as possible at 202-926-2813.


Hello. This is Bob calling on behalf of the hardship loan issuance department your offer number is 812734 again, that's 812734 you've been preapproved for up to a $35,000 unsecured debt consolidation loan. This offer is time sensitive and is set to expire within the next 24 hours please call me as soon as possible at 209-849-0134 again, that's 209-849-0134.


This message is provided by the administration of energy savings. The state has not set aside $1.3 billion. Your home is eligible for up to $10,000 to use for clean energy upgrades for exterior paint new windows HVAC drought tolerant landscaping cool roof and solar to find out how much your home is qualified for. Press one if you're home has already been qualified. Press nine.


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(714) 687-8153

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11 year anniversary Using YouMail from back to the blackberry days. My only gripe is I would like an option for all known spam to hear a disconnect message or another specified greeting. It seems they are put in a spam folder and my phone doesn't ring but they can still hear my normal greeting. I have to add them to contacts. As for as New features. Would be nice to add a call recording service.

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When Verizon tells you your 3 year old phone can't do Visual Voicemail, even though it used to be able to, this is a good alternative. To explain it to somebody new... Normally when you leave a voicemail to a cell phone, the carrier forwards your number to their server...and that's where it lives. All you need to do to switch to Youmail is tell the carrier to forward voicemail to Youmail's servers (phone number). I'd advise logging into the carrier website to put in the number youmail gives you. That way you can write the procedure down, so a few years later you don't need to look up how to do it again. If you get a new phone don't forget to install the Youmail app. If you have it alert you by email, that will help you remember, if you have a problem with your phone. Voice to text only on paid plan.
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Awesome! I haven't had vm in years because I hate the hassle and love tm or email. Youmail allows me to authenticate vm and listen or replay messages with ease. I can speed thru messages, call back or tm instantly. ..all my friends are happy:)
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