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(714) 687-8129

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Hello this is Bob calling on behalf of the hardship loan issue department or offer number is 812734. Again that's 812734. You've been pre-approved for up to a $35,000 unsecured debt consolidation loan. This offer is time sensitive and it set to expire with.


Hello this is helena(?) calling on behalf of the Student Loan Debt Relief the part(?) number is 812334. Again that's 812334. Your file open in my system for only one more day. Please call me as soon as possible at 209. Again that's 209443.


(?) dollars in funds to update their home. These funds have been released to help homeowners reduce their energy and water consumption. To get more information on how much your home qualifies for, press one. Press nine to be removed.


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(714) 687-8129

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I'm a happy camper! I'm happy to have visual voice mail with a personal greeting since I lost my VVM with a phone change. I now receive half the calls due to Robo Blocker. I had concerns regarding an automated portion of the my message about "speaking clearly". I received a quick, simple response on how to remove it.
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Never have to listen to another voice mail again..
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I spoke to soon! App is great. Helpful. They responded almost immediately to my negative review and gave me helpful advice on how to fix my problem. My apologies
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