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(714) 687-8065 is a Tax Debt Reduction Scam

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Please do not hang up. This is a call regarding a back order on file tax returns. To speak with a tax professional. Please press to be placed on our do not call list please press nine.


By 1.3000000000 dollars your home is eligible for up to $10,000 to use for clean energy upgrade for exterior paint new windows H B a C landscaping call Bruce and solar to find out how much your home was qualified for press one. If your home is already been qualified press nine.


Hello. This is Bob calling on behalf of the hardship loan issuance department your offer number is 812734 again, that's 812734 you've been preapproved for up to a $35,000 unsecured debt consolidation loan. This offer is time sensitive and is set to expire within the next 24 hours please call me as soon as possible at 209-849-0134 again, that's 209-849-0134.


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(714) 687-8065

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