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Hi this is Lance Mitchell with education support Center. I'm following up in regards to your outstanding school loan balance. We've been trying to reach you because you were eligible for loan forgiveness program. Due to the changes made as of September 20 2022. Although the school loan payment extension has been extended to December 31 of this borrowers are eligible to receive more than just a 10.


Hello this is helena(?) calling on behalf of the Student Loan Debt Relief the part(?) number is 812334. Again that's 812334. Your file open in my system for only one more day. Please call me as soon as possible at 209. Again that's 209443.


Hello this is elaine(?) calling on behalf of the Student Loan Debt Police Department. Your case number is ****. Again that's ****. Your file will remain open in my system for only one more day. Please call me.


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(714) 687-8063

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