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(667) 221-1282 is a Business Loan Scam

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Hi, this is Katie calling with the funding the apartment and adequate funds capital. I'm following up on a piece of mail. We sent your company regarding approval for a business line of credit up to a $122,000 with rates starting at a 4.9% your personal credit score thought and Baxter. It's pretty approval is based on your business industry and cash flow. However, it is a certificate that I speak with you as soon as possible before this predictable expires you can reach me directly at 866-220-6053 again. My number is 866-220-6053. I look forward to speaking with you and I hope you have a blessed day.


Hi, this is Anna Jones with the debt center, it looks like you may have inquired about a financial hardship debt reduction loan or were interested in qualifying we have a pre, approval for you if you could give me a shout back as soon as possible at 628-667-1562 your pre, approval code is 291022 again. Our number is 628-667-1562. I look forward to taking care of this for you.


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(667) 221-1282

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