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(667) 221-1244 is a Government Grant Scam

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Yes this is Julie Michaels and I'm calling in reference to your unclaimed benefit from the Economic Security. I need to discuss some new changes that I've recently taken a fact so if you could please be sure to give me a call back. My number is 866-330-1221 and then I'm going to give you a reference number if you could have that handy and call back.


Hey, it's James here. I'm following up about the line of credit we have approved for your business. It's up to 200000 over 10 years on the term at a rate of 3.9% we could get this done today. There are no closing cost associated with the deal deal to expire clean coal 631-339-0753. Again 631-339-0753 phones are available.


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(667) 221-1244

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