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(667) 221-1164 is a Government Grant Scam

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Hi yeah this is Kelly in the Employee Credit division of Baxter Kline LLC. I wanted to speak to get in touch with the owner or one of the partners at your company. It's regarding your employee retention credits under the cares act so our record show that you still might have five or more full time W-2 employees that's really only the major requirement and your business can be entitled for up to 26,000 per employee so if you think you qualify or simply want to get more information please return my call at your earliest convenience to go over things and as a reminder. This program is limited and set to expire soon so if you wanna try to get your request in soon. You can reach me at 800-398-8697. Again I'm Kelly at Baxter cline(?) at 800-398-8697. Thanks and talk to you soon.


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(667) 221-1164

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