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(667) 221-1118 is a Government Grant Scam

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Yes this is Julie Michaels and I'm calling in reference to your unclaimed benefit from the Economic Security. I need to discuss some new changes that I've recently taken a fact so if you could please be sure to give me a call back. My number is 866-330-1221 and then I'm going to give you a reference number if you could have that handy and call back.


Yes this is Jerry today is November 4. I still need to speak with you regarding your employee retention credits. I believe your business could be entitled for up to $26,000 per employee but I do just need to confirm the eligibility so could you please return my call at your earliest convenience and as a reminder this program is limited and such expire. You can reach me at 866-779-0699. Thank you so much and talk to you soon.


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(667) 221-1118

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