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(667) 221-1085 is a Debt Collector

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Hi this is Brian I'm calling with the your TC Processing Center. Looks like your business is prequalified for up to $26,000 per W-2 employee that you were paying over the last two years. I do need to confirm that eligibility. So can you please give me a call back as soon as possible. My number is 866-979-5021. Again my number is 866-979-5021. This program is set to expire. I wouldn't want your business to miss out. So please give me a call. Look forward to speaking with you.


This is Jennifer Hoffman I'm calling in regards to the employee retention tax refund under the care of that today is Thursday, December 15th. I've been assigned your case and your business is eligible to receive up to $26,000 for every employee you have had over the last two years be sure to give me a call at your earliest convenience. So we can go over your refund options. You can reach me at 866-979-5007 again, that's 866-979-5007. Thank you. And have a great day.


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(667) 221-1085

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