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Hi dear this is Anthony calling you from Finance Department of Trans Union how are you doing today. Hello can you hear me hello can you hear me. Hello.


reach you multiple times about this. If you think you have got this message by accident or want to opt out, press 2. To confirm your payout, we will send you an SMS to this number. You will need to verify your details from the SMS link. Press 1 now to receive your confirmation link. Again, to receive your confirmation link, press 1. Thank you. You will now receive an SMS message with your case confirmation link. Please wait and you will have your case confirmation shortly. To unsubscribe from these alerts, press 2.


Hello, I'm calling from Release Group. The U.S. is seeing Americans owing on credit cards at an all-time high and we understand many of us are struggling to pay this debt. We are happy to share an offer to you to consolidate your balances from all your banks, lenders and collection agencies into a single lower monthly payment. We are confident that we can help you save thousands each year and giving you some much needed financial reading room each month. Let us help you take care of your finances once and for all.

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Don't know this number please block this number

4/15/24 2:49 PM

17603540317 Deposited a new message: "Hey, it's Stacy Edwards. I'm calling from Activate Center. My phone number is 9498783082 and our file shows that you've got some back taxes still too. I wanted to let you know that you can enroll to have them eliminated with the new zero tax program. So any small or large amounts are now non collectible through this program, but you do have to enroll. So give me a call back and we can get you all set up. It's not gonna take too long. It's really a one and done set up. So I'll keep the account open through the end of the week. So again, my number is 9498783082. Thanks.

4/1/24 8:16 PM

Man said he was from Medicare and asked if I got the booklet and new card. He wanted the date I started receiving Medicare. I hung up.

2/16/24 7:34 AM

FOREIGN REROUTED FRAUD CALLER Robocalling Fraudster FAKE CALLER ID: Ballwin MO (NOT) Phishing Attempt Scammer

John Leffler
2/5/24 11:20 AM

Josh Zeiger - Chatsworth, CA has spoof apps on his phone(s) and calls/harasses people from stolen #?s #numbers

9/12/23 1:07 PM

Wants to sell Medicare flex plan

A YouMail Subscriber
11/26/22 6:22 AM

Spam call from a home warranty company that wont give up. Have called at least 15 times with another area code. Will block this now.

3/18/22 10:20 AM

Called multiple times! If someone doesn't answer the first time, they won't answer the next 50 times. Jeesh.

3/2/22 11:10 PM

Calls spam block 15 times in 10 sec

1/6/22 3:27 PM

636 238 2572 called me at least twice-- my phone labels it as a Spam risk. I attempted to call back and only get a busy signal.

11/18/21 6:56 AM

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