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Hey it's Cindy over at US tax experts. We're an a plus Better Business Bureau rated company and this is just a follow up notification regarding the new zero tax relief program that's now open for enrollment. So the new zero tax debt relief program it allows you to eliminate what you owe in taxes because it's been deemed it's temporary. ...


Hey there, I guess I missed you it's Jessica over at national tax advisory Services LLC. So I tried you last week as well and this is a follow, up notification regarding the new zero tax program that's now open for you it looks like you possibly have some past money that's due which we can squash with this new deal. So basically it becomes non, collectible, but you must have elected to enroll this month. So give me a shout back at 831-204-4718 again, I'm to us from C C at 831-204-4718. Thank you and talk to you later today.


Hi, there. It's Natalie I'm following up from the financial hardship department. I'm calling to confirm to see if you had spoken to and assigned agent in our hardship program. I see you are approved for a hardship loan for up to $37,000 so what I'm going to do is put this in a pending status. If you have about five minutes today. Give me a call back so we can go over the details. My number is 833-888-0658 and I'll be here until 430 today Pacific time. Again, my number is 833-888-0658. Thank you.

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block Spam 620-207-4904

“Hi this is James, calling you back. Just a reminder that based on your business’s Dun and Bradstreet score of 76, we do still have you listed as eligible for up to a $500k line of credit starting at just 4.08%. Now the funds can be available in just 24 hours if you are interested, but the offers does expire soon so if you’re interested call me back at 949-603-3852.”

6/7/22 9:20 AM

block Spam 620-207-4803

Hi this is Barbara you can reach me at 855-222-6707. I need to speak with you regarding your outstanding employee retention credits. You've been prequalified for up to $26,000 per employee ID due to the pandemic. However it's really important that we

A YouMail Subscriber
4/4/22 10:58 AM

block Spam 620-207-4003

Call numerous times YET NEVER LEAVE A MESSAGE

1/20/22 9:45 AM

block Spam 620-207-4748

it is a total pain in the Ass and should be outlawed

john belt
11/15/21 8:07 AM

block Spam 620-207-4749

This seems to be repeated scam. If they can not get you to switch your current enrollments they continuously call on several different numbers. I have blocked upwards of ten different numbers and have requested several times to be placed on their do not call list but they still keep calling.

11/3/21 10:38 AM

block Spam 620-207-1735

I have never made a online request for a loan Please stop these calls

A YouMail Subscriber
10/31/21 8:12 PM

block Spam 620-207-4203

Calling about a loan I applied for ,….absolutely nonsense…

10/27/21 9:16 AM

block Spam 620-207-1247

Called and left a message for ex wife and they we’re pursuing her for a past fine. Unless I call and settle. Looked it up, number is registered to a scammer in India. Just block it

10/12/21 12:08 PM

block Spam 620-207-8329

Calls from many different numbers but the name is always John Dennis.

A YouMail Subscriber
9/16/21 10:53 AM

block Spam 620-207-4155

Spam caller; student loan scam

Elisha Davis
7/12/21 9:03 AM

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