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(615) 610-0427 was a Vehicle Warranty Scam

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Ended warranty from expiring. I'm giving you a courtesy follow up call before I close the files. Don't leave yourself exposed to costly repairs? Please press one to speak to a specialist now or press two to decline these coverage opportunities and be placed on our D N C or call 833-304-1447 U S T 456.


Hi, this is Katie and I'm giving you a call from a dealer service Center. We recently noticed your cars extended warranties. He was going to expire wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty fire and your coverages voided financially responsible all service repair press one now if you wish to extend or reinstate your card warranty. Once again press one now or press two to be placed on the do not call list you can also call 833-304-1447.


Thought your file, press 2 to be removed and put on our do not call list, press one to speak with someone about possibly extending or reinstating your car's warranty again, press 1 to speak with a warranty.


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(615) 610-0427

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