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Amenity Bank understand you may have experienced a hardship and you may be in an unfortunate situation. I would like to discuss this with you and work to ensure this business matter is resolved. Please call.


This message is trying to reach ***** my name is Alan from Comenity Capital Bank in reference to Dell. Please make every Airport to return my call I am available until 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and my number is 1-866-356-3655 and extension is 1 510436. Again ***** it is in reference to Dell and the number I can be reached at is 1-866-356-3655 and extension is 1 510436. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you and have a.


This message is trying to reach ****. My name is Sharon. I'm calling you from Community Capital Bank in reference then to first. Please make every effort to return my call. I'm available until 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. And my call back number is 18663563655 Extension 1512046 Again, the call back number, I can be reached. It is 18663563655 Extension 1512046 Thank you.

Recent Reports for 614-729

They keep calling me and they say my name in the voice mail and then they hang up.

3/11/24 11:42 AM

I have received daily, robo phone messages. Each recording has identified itself as being from “Comenity Bank”, and each speaks of wanting to discuss my potential, upcoming tax return. They all claim the same urgency, and each has expressed a need for my immediate response. If I block the originating phone number for a message, I then receive identical messages from new and different phone numbers. There have been at least two of these messages a day for a couple of months. I have one credit card issued by Comenity Bank. That card was opened, and used for a singular purpose, and was paid in full soon after. I have no current balance, nor have I had any balance whatsoever, on that card for nearly a year.

2/6/24 3:06 PM


1/10/24 4:22 PM

I am with Caller ID Reputation and I am submitting this request on behalf of Improveit Home Remodeling. Please remove this number from the spam list as this is not a spam number. Thank you.

12/20/23 1:01 PM

Stating they are a banking

A YouMail Subscriber
11/29/23 6:17 AM

I am not affiliated with this establishment

A YouMail Subscriber
11/7/23 6:43 AM

I get tons of calls from both this number and a couple other phone numbers. If they leave a voicemail it’s some “help with your financial hardship” or something similar. 24/7. Don’t they get tired? Oh wait they’re robots,

Sheila G
9/22/23 7:05 PM

Called telling me my AAA Advantage Visa was past due and did have the last 4 numbers of my checking account and wanted me to pay over the phone. I said I would go online immediately when I hung up and make the payment online like I always do. I was doubtful that my payment was overdue. She again pushed to have me pay over the phone with her, when I told her I was more comfortable going to the site myself and pay online, she got huffy and hung up on me.

8/10/23 2:36 PM

While this number is actually from Comenity Bank, it's a number from their telemarketing branch. Calling the number will only waste your time and lead to profound annoyance. You can ask them to not call you.

8/10/23 10:09 AM

Told them they had the wrong number but still call

6/30/23 5:51 AM

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