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Today is Monday June 26. When you get this message could you please call me back 555652183 attention this is an extremely time sensitive message from Dedham regarding your Hardship account. You've been prequalified for a hardship benefit that could pay your bills over $10 in unsecured debt. We have your solution dial 855.


Hello, this is Stacey with We By Home's now. Sorry we missed you. We have been trying to reach you considering a cash offer on your home. If you require a quick closing, we can close in as little as seven days. We will handle all repairs that wholesale costs defeating you thousands and no need to pay high commissions to a broker that can take months to sell if it sells at all. So if you own a home that's not perfect, we will assist you immediately. Please give us a call at 2513466633 Look forward to speaking with you.


Hello? This is Martin. I'm calling from the Legal Health Department. Am I speaking with ****? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello ****, am I audible? I would like to inform you that I am calling from the Legal Health Department, Medical Lawsuit Department. Hello? Hello ****? Hello? I'm audible, hello? I would like to inform you that the call is regarding the product Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. Hello? Hello ****? Hello? Hello? Hello? I'm audible, hello? Hello? Hello? Hey, are you there? Hello? Hello? Hello? I'm audible, hello ****? Hello? Okay, hello, I'm unable to hear you, hello? Can you speak louder please? Hello?

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