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Will be suspended for non-payment. To reactivate your account. Please press one to speak to a customer service representative. Please press two and we'll transfer your call will be recorded and manage purposes.


Hello, this is Riverside Regional Medical Center emergency department calling to see if **** would participate in a brief Healthcare survey. Please? Have **** call us back at 757-856-7000 to participate. Thank you. Good bye.


My name is Martin Oliver giving you a notification call from our department of tax debt and Financial Settlement Services. There are new programs that can help you reduce or eliminate your debt completely. It's possible that your tax debt can now be considered temporarily non-collectible. You can call me back at my personal desk 1-833-312-3245.

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check Safe 580-222-9837

It's a person I know

A YouMail Subscriber
8/6/22 5:05 PM

block Spam 580-204-8116

Hi, this is Christine from National Disability Center. I'm calling cause you had inquired about applying for monthly social security Disability benefits. Can you hear me ok?

7/29/22 9:51 AM

block Spam 580-204-8120

Also has called from (580) 204-8096 and (580) 204-8105

Dee J
7/27/22 7:18 AM

block Spam 580-823-5442

Wanted to confirm my new insurance policy. Called four times in a day.

7/19/22 11:45 AM

block Spam 580-752-7227

This eGift is a gift from people who loves you. Keep smiling Deborah! It looks like a questionnaire from spectrum offering gifts at the end for only a dollar shipping that'll be refunded to your card. I'm assuming it's a scam. Aq

7/16/22 6:32 PM

block Spam 580-289-4378

I received 21 calls in 1 day from this number. They never leave a message. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know, but they are still annoying, especially when there are so many.

N. S. Barr
7/6/22 2:25 PM

block Spam 580-219-4141

Call automatically blocked, search revealed plenty of SPAM information

Tulsa guy
6/29/22 3:32 PM

block Spam 580-245-6488

Another annoying spam likely that should be blocked.

6/23/22 8:50 AM

block Spam 580-332-4636

not sure if lisa shaw called me or not, does it show she ever did call?

ernest ludlow
6/22/22 9:43 AM

block Spam 580-447-8601

Keeps calling, I don't answer if I don't know who is calling.

6/17/22 8:34 AM

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