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Hello, this is Linda Miller calling from Student Service Center. I need to speak to you about important updates to your school loans. According to my records, your school loans may be eligible for a full discharge under the suite versus Cardona settlement, which was just approved in January, so please call me back today at 8007460381 When you call, please-


share-some-contest-speaking(?) to ****. Hello. Hello this is your ... speaking to ****. Hello. Hello. Hello can you hear me. Hello. Hello. Hello can you hear me. Hey speak to**** at meaner. Hello. Hello can you hear me please check your mute button this is anna(?) I am not able to hear you I'm so sorry. Hello **** this is the.


Hi this is for example(?) I'm responding(?) to the application you submitted for health insurance. Are you looking for an individual or family plan today.

Recent Reports for 564-464

This person harass people pretending to be someone else. Through text and calls.

A YouMail Subscriber
1/11/24 4:48 AM

Call are Market Research and Survey

8/22/22 3:07 PM

Call are Market Research and Survey - Not Spam

8/22/22 3:06 PM

2 calls came in within seconds of each other. this one has no reports but the other is a scam number already reported. the numbers are similar and suspicious. the one with no report is 564-464-1786 and the one with a report for scam is 564-444-6857.

Vickie F
7/28/22 12:56 PM

Will not quit calling me

A YouMail Subscriber
11/28/21 10:05 AM

564-464-7487 & 989-582-1403 appear to be from the same source. ID shows fake name that starts with "V+a series of random number" No msg, but they keep calling

4/28/21 1:09 PM

This spam has been going on and on.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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