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Hi, this message is for ****. This is Janice calling from senior sumpter living if you can please give me a call back at 352-615-7516. Thank you.


Hi. This is actually Brian Lee. I'm calling on behalf of Superior Home. How are you doing today? Hello. Hey, so I'm not sure if you can actually hear me, but if you can, my name is Brian.


Hi this actually Brian Lee I'm calling on behalf of superior Home how are you doing today. Hello a so I'm not sure if you can actually hear me but if you can my name is Brian and I'm with superior home and if you are still interested and would like to talk to us about that bathroom remodel and go ahead and call us back at 949-223-6402 and if you are no longer interested or if you like to have your number put on that D&C list. Then call this number and that's 916-345-1825.

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