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Hi, it's Wyatt from Flex Financial. Today is Wednesday, April 17th. I'm leaving this message to let you know about your current offer. We still see that you are pre-qualified for up to $37,500 with favorable payment options of less than $5.89 a month. Please call me as soon as you get this message so we can go ahead and lock this in. Remember, this offer is for a limited time and I cannot hold it much longer. So please call me back as soon as


Hello my name is Adam I'm calling from the Data Advisory approval Department. My number is 1-888-212-3376 and I'm not sure if you spoke to anybody on our team yet or an assigned agent but I do see preapproval for up to $48,000 on a few new programs that have recently taken effect. So what I'll go ahead and do is keep this in the pending status for now and yeah if you have about 15 minutes today go ahead and give me a call back we can go over the details as well as the benefits. Again my phone number is 1-888-212-3376. Again that's 1-888-212-3376. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a good day and goodbye.


Yes, this is a Sarah calling from Release Advisory Approval Department. My full number is 18447600328 I'm not sure if you've already spoken to an assigned agent, but I do see your pre-approval for up to 48,000 on a few new programs that have recently taken effect. So what I'll do with go ahead and just keep this in a pending status for now. Yeah, if you have about 15 minutes, I can give me a call back and we can go over the details as well as the benefit. Again, my full number is 8447600328

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Unwantingly and unexpectedly contacted by this unfamiliar phone and I did not consent to it!! This is the second time even after I reported it the first time!!!!

A YouMail Subscriber
7/7/23 8:44 AM

Because I have Mute Unknown Callers on, it appears as a missed call. I'd phone them again using a spy dialer just to be nosy, and the voicemail is a choppy recording indicating that all of their representatives are currently occupied. This seems like a call center for whatever fraud it is, and I've also heard this sort of pitch from PAC scammers.

6/20/23 4:09 PM

I figured out how to get them to stop calling! 1. I called back the phone number and spoke with Sophie Rodriguez. She sent me a loan application from and 2. I looked up the owners: 3. I filed a complaint with the FCC here: 4. Call Direct Funding Now at 1-800-399-5714 and let them know (politely) that you have filed a complaint with the FCC and would like to be removed from their robocall campaign. They were even nice about taking me off the list!

Dean House
1/2/23 3:55 PM

Same message as shown above.

Bill H
5/12/22 4:09 PM

Calls, and never leaves a message

4/25/22 11:07 AM

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