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Great, but times are different now look at the equity position. It's really strong and if you still have a bunch of equity in your house, that's definitely a problem. If you're real estates working for you great. If it's not then it's working against you and that's what these banks are doing they're using your equity for their advantage and that's how they make their billions. So give me a call, I'll explain how it works or the bank. We'd give you the no point no cost loan for you to get your equity out and for you to be able to use strategic investments for it. We're just the bank to make it happen for you. So my number is 949-228-9243 again 949-228-9243.


We're now qualified for a complete debt elimination. This is a limited time offer to get yourself enrolled please press one to speak to a live representative now.


You're maybe you're dead on any credit card you got due to the economy crisis. This is a limited time offer to get enrolled please press one now and speak to a live representative.

Recent Reports for 564

block Spam 564-444-8572

My phone blocked this call as suspected spam.

8/6/22 8:34 AM

block Spam 564-204-1281

They are using different phone numbers an calling regularly from this city.

A YouMail Subscriber
8/1/22 9:20 AM

block Spam 564-464-1786

2 calls came in within seconds of each other. this one has no reports but the other is a scam number already reported. the numbers are similar and suspicious. the one with no report is 564-464-1786 and the one with a report for scam is 564-444-6857.

Vickie F
7/28/22 12:56 PM

block Spam 564-888-9498

Text. Political soliciting for Tiffany Smiley.

7/21/22 3:11 PM

block Spam 564-213-7075

Not a valid phone number Robocalling Fraudster Scamming the elderly Phishing scam Offshore scum sucking Parasites

Joey Wert
7/16/22 3:30 PM

block Spam 564-203-7536

Same message as shown above.

Bill H
5/12/22 4:09 PM

block Spam 564-203-4482

Calls, and never leaves a message

4/25/22 11:07 AM

block Spam 564-444-6805

I believe this is a spam or phishing call. Left no voicemail.

4/21/22 8:31 AM

block Spam 564-544-1745

Pia Fraud after you talk to them they disconnected the number so you cannot call back or they block you these are scammer identity theft credit card fraud High risk scammer report them to the FBI thats what I do for they take advantage of the vulnerable elderly and¿ Naive People the calls look like they are from the United States local numbers but they are voip numbers from India and they're trying to do malicious malicious things to you too be very aware.They are trying to get you Medicare and Medical information or funeral expense or alarm system for home as well as car warranty this number call back many times a day trying to ultimately get all your identity theft and Scam you.

3/14/22 7:40 PM

block Spam 564-444-7203

International Scammer located in Nevada

2/18/22 11:22 AM

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