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Hello it's Amy from underwriting. I have some good news about your online application. We have a special program that will help you get back on track. This program at any sort of financial hardship. You make over $2500 per month and you keep getting the client for a loan. Please press one he one to on our do not call list. Please kindly press two. Again press one for more information or press two to be removed from our list.


Hi it's tamara(?) has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error and try your call again. My name is Martin Oliver giving you a notification call from our department of tax that and Financial settlement Services. There are new programs that can help you reduce or eliminate your debt completely. It's possible that your tax debt can now be considered temporarily non-collectible. You can call me back at my personal desk 1-833-312-3245.


you're(?) in Roman Center and the reason I'm calling today is that there are millions of Americans who are qualified for health insurance assistance and some even qualify for free insurance coverage. So would you like to see if you qualify for one of these plans. Oh I'm so sorry I just didn't hear you that last time. I just wanted to know if you would like to see if you qualify for one of these insurance plans. Would you like to see if you qualify for one of these plans. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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block Spam 563-227-4133

Said I inquired abou getting ss diability said NO then asked me can you hear me Yelled NO told her I'm sick of your f**** calls & hung up

8/5/22 5:21 PM

block Spam 563-294-1937

Called saying " I'm sorry, you don't qualify, have a good day!"

8/5/22 9:04 AM

block Spam 563-279-9613

Pia 8-2-2022 fraud scam credit card fraud identity theft medical fraud medicare fraud funeral expenses fraud social security fraud Amazon fraud lower interest rate fraud Pia Fraud after you talk to them they disconnected the number so you cannot call back or they block you these are scammer identity theft credit card fraud High risk scammer report them to the FBI thats what I do for they take advantage of the vulnerable elderly and¿ Naive People the calls look like they are from the United States local numbers but they are voip numbers from India and they're trying to do malicious malicious things to you too be very aware.They are trying to get you Medicare and Medical information or funeral expense or alarm system for home as well as car warranty this number call back many times a day trying to ultimately get all your identity theft and Scam you.

8/2/22 8:23 PM

block Spam 563-666-4879

Called 15 times in a row, no vm left.

7/27/22 3:31 PM

block Spam 563-924-7628

No message hung up when answering machine turned on.

7/18/22 7:32 AM

block Spam 563-666-4999

Calls continually. Tax Debt Reduction Scam

7/12/22 11:22 AM

block Spam 563-886-2403

Robocall early this morning and left partial voice mail saying "if I want to speak to a live agent press 1. I submitted a report on this CallerID which was accepted. The same CallerID and supposed Caller Name tried to call me again this afternoon. However, this time my YouMail app flagged the call as Spam & a Medium Risk, and so it blocked the call.

7/12/22 6:01 AM

block Spam 563-925-5674

Probably a spoof, scam or spam number I don’t know I didn’t answer

7/1/22 1:27 PM

block Spam 563-303-3061

ILLEGAL cold-calling harassment from FRAUDULENT Tax scamming entity

6/28/22 1:55 PM

block Spam 563-822-7153

Car warranty and tax collection

6/20/22 11:36 AM

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