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Hello this is Brenda with the United health assessment department or self employed realtor how are you doing today. Okay the purpose of my call is to introduce United Health New self employed(?) health plan for real estate professionals. These custom plans offer income protection from High Park medical bills and significant savings on co-pays and deductibles. Additionally they come with tailored benefits to meet realtors unique needs. So can I go ahead and get this information out to you today. Okay wonderful. So what I'm gonna do now is patch and my assistant that is gonna provide more details about the program and get that information out to you today. So just one moment here we go. Hello and thanks for connecting these new self employed health plans by Cigna have been specifically designed for real estate professionals and offer some unique benefits with the focus on providing income protection. If you become ill and cannot work. You have the option to choose a private health plan or group network. Both will provide a significant savings and have been custom design for realtors offering more benefits at a lower out of pocket cost. You'll have the option to choose in an out of network doctors and specialist. This is not available in the traditional market plan. You have more prescription vision and dental coverage as the payment contribution from the insurance providers more. This will save you a significant amount of money on out of pocket cost. So would you like me to deliver this health plan package to you today. Press one for yes or two for no hello and thanks for connecting these new self employed health plan spice signal.


employee(?) plans that are offered through United Health are you doing today. Okay. So the purpose of the call today is to inform you that United now offers an excellent health plan package specifically designed for self employed individuals. Please help plan packages offer full coverage lower co-pay deductible with the PPO network that allows you freedom of choice and income protection.


This is Anna from Insure Tech. We made several attempts to reach you. We also sent your paper work along with the cards but it returned. Please press zero. To get more details on the package or call us back at 518-380-2280. Press zero now to talk to our live representative.

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Card reduction services. When asked what card company there were from. They hung up.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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