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Hello. Thank you. Good afternoon. This is Michael. You have been reevaluated for a personal loan up to $30,000. All credit scores are welcome. Please reach out to our underwriting department for further details. We could be reached at 18442001867 Again, that's 8442001867 We'll keep your fall in appending status until we hear back from you. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Bye for now.


Someone has been treating you funny around some stuff that is due to you. God is in the mix. Meet me right now. I'm live. (667) 770-1736. You are breaking a generational cycle. This is why the enemy's been after you, attacking you. Meet me right now. I'm live. (667) 770-1736. This is why there has been all of these strongholds and these attacks. Because you're getting close. Meet me right now. I'm live. (667) 770-1736. If you wish to no longer receive these messages, please hit the option 3 now.


Hey, this is Sarah with Pro Listing Services. Our records are showing that your Google Business Listing is not properly verified or optimized with Google. Customers who search for you online may not be able to find you. Call us back at 9169312373 so we can quickly check the status of your Google Business Listing. This will only take a few minutes. That's 9169312373 If you'd like to opt out, call us back and press 9.

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Tell them to stop calling me and leave me alone.

Robert Rosamond
5/30/23 3:36 PM

Person is trying to get money

4/30/23 11:42 AM

voicemail Hey it's Heather over at Fields Jeep that's Consumer Legal Group and I've got some awesome news for you. Your current financial hardship qualifies you for our program. So we can clear away any money owed to credit cards or companies to get these funds set up today. Give me a ring back today at 628-240-5562. Just use the code 031022. I'll keep the account open through the end of the week. Again my number is 628-240-5562 thanks and talk soon. ...
A YouMail Subscriber
3/31/23 9:14 AM

Tell those idiots I never had a car in my whole life please tell them to stop calling me and leave me alone.

Diana Rosamond
9/9/22 9:10 AM

Scam/Fraud under Federal Criminal Investigation.

5/18/22 10:01 AM

I never went to college in my whole life tell them to stop calling.

2/22/22 1:32 PM

Pia Fraud after you talk to them they disconnected the number so you cannot call back or they block you these are scammer identity theft credit card fraud High risk scammer report them to the FBI thats what I do for they take advantage of the vulnerable elderly and¿ Naive People the calls look like they are from the United States local numbers but they are voip numbers from India and they're trying to do malicious malicious things to you too be very aware.They are trying to get you Medicare and Medical information or funeral expense or alarm system for home as well as car warranty this number call back many times a day trying to ultimately get all your identity theft and Scam you.

2/16/22 5:41 PM

I do not know anyone in Pahokee Florida. All I get from Florida are SCAM calls!

9/30/21 11:10 AM

Claims to be calling from the IRS regarding a fraudulent Tax return trying to scam folks out of money

2/19/21 4:09 PM

Sales call. Calls every day.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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