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Hey good morning I am Maggie I'm with the business concierge team I'm calling to see if you've heard about the ERC and if you're interested in filing the employee retention credit is available until around April of next year so you do have some some time to do homework on it. If you don't know it's a government credit for businesses that open before 2019 and remain open through 2020 and 2021. If you want some more information from an expert please give us a call. Our phone number is 3-380-614-7003. Again our phone number is 330-614-7003 thanks.


This is Kelly with the National Disability Group. Please listen carefully. We are calling because you are eligible for a disability benefit of over $2600. These are your age being between 50 and 63. We show you're likely to qualify. To speak with a benefit specialist. Simply press one once again to speak with a benefit specialist about enrolling in order to gain access to this $2600 benefit press one otherwise simply press two to be added to our do not call list. You can also call 20.


Hello this is Genevieve with the Cigna health assessment department for self employed realtors. How are you doing today. Okay so the purpose of my call is to make you aware of the new self employed health plans for real estate professionals offered by Signa. these(?) custom plans have been designed to provide income protection from high cost medical bills. You'll see a significant savings on co-pays deductibles much more affordable than traditional market plan and more benefits.

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Phone Number: 541-265-7694 Date of this Report: May 26, 2023 Phone Line Type: LANDLINE Phone Company: CENTURYLINK Phone Location: NEWPORT, OR

5/26/23 1:23 PM

RUSSELL WRIGHT Phone Number: 541-554-1903 Date of this Report: May 26, 2023 Phone Line Type: CELL PHONE Phone Company: VERIZON WIRELESS Phone Location: EUGENE, OR

5/26/23 9:54 AM

Phone Number: 541-513-4647 Date of this Report: May 25, 2023 Phone Line Type: CELL PHONE Phone Company: T-MOBILE Phone Location: EUGENE, OR

5/25/23 11:39 AM

My phone flagged this caller as spam.

5/24/23 12:15 PM

Phone Number: 541-691-7195 Date of this Report: May 23, 2023 Phone Line Type: VOIP Phone Company: SINCH Phone Location: CANYONVILLE, OR

5/23/23 2:25 PM

Hello, I have been scammed, I have some shoes on a page called vestaire collectiv and this number pretended to be a client, sending me false emails as if it were the store's page, and it turns out that they scammed me

Gilberto Celestino
5/20/23 4:10 PM

Phone Number: 541-562-9420 Date of this Report: May 19, 2023 Phone Line Type: LANDLINE Phone Company: ZIPLY Phone Location: UNION, OR

5/19/23 2:57 PM

Some rambling message abiut grandson disappearing.

A YouMail Subscriber
5/19/23 2:22 PM

Phone #: 541-611-6985 Type: Landline Address: OR

5/19/23 12:18 PM

These calls won’t stop and they come from different phone numbers from different states. I’m so tired of this crap

Aleah Fleming
5/18/23 1:49 PM

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