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Hello, this is Ava with the Tax Group at Debt Free Solutions, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers live a debt-free life. My number is 8882813129 I was just calling to get some of the information you previously requested. I had to go to tell you about it in person, but I can explain briefly here. Regarding your past due state and federal taxes, we have two programs that might interest you. The first is a debt forgiveness program which puts your taxes into a non-collectible status. The second, which we think you'll find is more interesting, is the fresh start program. This works much like how it sounds that there are some conditions. The good news is these could stop your wages from being garnished or you're banked. For the details, it would be better if you could call us back. It doesn't take long and we can enroll you over the phone. I'll keep your account open through the end of the week and my number here is 8882813129 If you'd like to request an opt-out of future notification, it's no problem. Please just call us back at this number and press 8. You'll be automatically removed from future announcements. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Hello, my name is Erica, and I'm calling from the Dead Advisory Approval Department. The number that I'm calling you from is 202902266 I'm not quite sure if you've already spoken to an assigned agent. You see that you had a approval approval for up to $48,000 on a few new programs that have taken effect. So what I'm going to go ahead and do is keep this in pending status for now. And if you have 15 minutes today, I would love for you to give me a callback. That way we can be tools as well as the benefits of the program. My phone number is 202902266 Again, that's 202902266 We look forward to you. Thank you.


Hello this is Adam calling from the debt relief approval Department. My number is 1-920-732-2050 and I'm not sure if you've already speak to an assigned agent but I do see your preapproval for up to $48,000 on a few new programs that are taking effect. So well go ahead and do is keep this in a pending status for now and yeah you have about 15 minutes today. Go ahead me a call back and we can go over the details as well as the benefits. My phone number is 1-920-732-2050. Again that's 192-073-2200. We look forward to hearing from you. Goodbye.

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