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Hi there this is Corey Kennedy and I'm responding to your inquiry about solar. I just sent over a text and an email and on both it gives you easy instructions on how to schedule your solar assessment. If you would like to chat with me please give me a call back at that number there on your caller ID or respond to either the text or email I just sent. Thank you so much bye bye.


Hey this. Hi, I'm calling from assurance, a licensed and certified representative of Medicare plan responding to your information request from We've analyzed the info you sent us and we have helped a lot of people in exactly your situation. Find the benefits they're looking for, and in many instances have saved them money on their deductibles and copays. I want to connect you with one of our licensed agents, 1st 3 consultations and see if they can help you. Call this number back at 8449873493. Looking forward to helping.


Hello there Corey Kennedy again. Just checking up on if you were still interested in getting that information about solar. Please give me a call back at that number there in your voicemail caller ID so we can chat and get any questions you have answered or of course the text and email I sent over is another great way to communicate. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

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Wants to buy my house.

10/29/22 11:12 AM

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Received notification today that I was a Second Place winner in the Publisher's Clearing House contest. When I Googled the Home #, apparently it is no great feat to be a second place winner w/PCH. Many other 2d placers will be welcoming the "The Prize Patrol" at their front door with outstretched palms for the BigPrize from this new scam.

7/28/21 2:45 PM

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