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Hey there, my name is Darcy and I wanted to see if I could ask you about the land you own just outside of Augusta. My team and I actually, we love the road access, we love the location, it's just kind of undeveloped so I'm not sure if you have plans for it or if you'd rather it be off your hands but we're local, we've been investing kind of all over this region of South Carolina and Georgia really for the last few years and right now I'm hoping for something that's under five acres so I keep coming back to yours because I really love it. We can be reached, this is my number7623273690 and I'd love to have a conversation, if you're open to an offer, open to selling, that's great, if you're not interested or I don't have the right number, totally fine, you can just text me, let me know. When you call back you can either talk to me or one of my team members, ask it along so don't worry if you hear another voice. Again, my name is Darcy and my number is 7623273690 Alright, have a great day, talk to you soon.


Hi, it's Darcy, checking in again. I hope you're doing well. I wanted to reach out because I haven't heard back from you regarding the piece of land you own. I'm genuinely interested in it and just curious if you have any plans for it or if you might need some assistance. If you're considering selling or need guidance, I'm here to help. If you do decide to move forward, I want you to know that my team ensures that every transaction is handled securely and professionally. We work very closely with trusted local title companies and attorneys and we'll take a lot of care to really prioritize a smooth and transparent process for you. Whether you're ready now or it's not quite the right time yet, please feel free to reach out to me via phone or text and just let me know either way. I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Take care.


Hey again, this is Lindsay Garcia. I'm calling from EaseTax Solutions. Call me back at 213-893-8755 My records show you still owe some back taxes. I'm calling to inform you that you can enroll to have them forgiven because of the Complete Balance Forgiveness Program. Any previous balances can be reduced or even forgiven through this program, but we do need to file for it this week. So give us a quick call so we can get you signed up. It shouldn't take long. It's a fast one-time thing. I'll keep the account open through the end of the week. Again, my number is 213-893-8755

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Just. acompany looking to buy property. Maybe spam, but they were very sweet.

4/10/24 11:05 AM

Covert Hutto spam texts unwanted & I don?tknow them(Optional)

3/17/24 9:22 AM

Spam. Don't call those jerks

3/14/22 10:01 AM

ROBOCALLER WARNING! (512) 641-3440 is a Robocall Do not answer. TRANSCRIPT: Transcript Not Available. DATE BLOCKED: December 3, 2021

12/3/21 10:10 AM

Yet another unidentified SCAM or FRAUD caller from a small Texas town (245 such calls from small towns to date and 32 from this small town from different subscriber numbers) refused to identify self and would not state purpose of the call.

Maddas L.
6/22/21 8:13 AM

Trisha Remove per YouMail report.

A YouMail Subscriber
6/11/21 11:04 AM

Please check this spam number to avoid more cslls. Thank you.

A YouMail Subscriber
6/8/21 11:00 AM

(512) 641-0850 is a Health Insurance Scam Do not answer. TRANSCRIPT: This is an important message from your insurance agency i l h insurance press 9 to opt out after you hear this very important message health insurance plans are still available in your area press 5 to talk to an agent for your state plans with low co-pays deductibles and telemedicine hotline numbers are available so you don't need to walk into a doctor's office again press 5 to talk to an agent or press one to opt out of this message. DATE BLOCKED: April 14, 2021

Leave Me Alone
5/26/21 12:56 PM

Called and wouldn't speak. When I called back no one answered. There was no recording or voicemail. Phone rings and then sounds like it is transferred to another phone number and continues to ring.

Roger Moore
5/20/21 5:20 AM

Garbage spam from Austin trash.

3/22/21 6:06 PM

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