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Hi this is Kate calling you back. Just a quick reminder based on your business Dun & Bradstreet score of 76. We do still have you pre-approved for up to a 500 pay line of credit thing at 4.8%. Now the funds can be available in just 24 hours of your interest.


Hello hi this is Susan. I'm a Medicare Health Care advisor on a recorded line can you hear me okay. I'm actually not trying to sell you anything. I'm calling because.


Hi this is Amy calling with the planning(?) department at Business Loan Services. I'm following up on a piece of mail we sent your company regarding a preapproval for business line of credit up to $145,000 with rates starting at a 4.9%. Your personal credit score is not a factor. This preapproval is based on your business industry and cash flow. However it is urgent that I speak with you as soon as possible before this preapproval expire. You can reach me directly at 888-232-7028. Again my number is 88822.

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