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(510) 373-2977 is a Disability Benefits Scam

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Hello this is Christine from national disability. I left you a previous voicemail. I'm calling because you had inquired about applying for monthly social security disability benefits. If you could call me back.


Jean from National disability calling cause you had inquired about applying for social security. If I miss it now if you could call me back at the number we called you from we can get started on your application for marcy. The football team one now if you're already receiving social security benefits, please feel free to ignore this call. This isn't something we need to worry about if you did want to apply for social security benefits. This is a time sensitive matter and fast action is required for these types of benefits. If you could please call us back as soon as you can and again, my name is Christine from National disability. If you don't want to hear from us and would like to be added to our do not call list please call us at 877-321-0008, thanks and have a great day.


Hi, this is Christine calling again from National disability and I'm trying to reach you because of your interest in applying for most of the social security Disability Services. Please call me back as soon as possible. The number we called your phone and we can try to get started on your applications. There must be visible. It's important to get moving on this is the first possible, but if they are already receiving social security benefits. If you can ignore this call. So if you need these monthly disability five as soon as possible. Please call us back again. My name is Christine from National this is will if you don't want to hear from us and would like to be added to our do not call list you saw those at 833-706-1156, thanks and have a great day.


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(510) 373-2977

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works pretty good. not perfect. More explanation of my review. The app works good when it kicks in and stops spam calls. The problem is that it doesn't stop many of the spam calls. I understand that these spammers spoof phone numbers and you can't know every one. Many of these spoofed numbers are from my local area code, some are not. I've even had a couple calls from myself (according to the caller ID). This is why my review is "works pretty good. not perfect." If it were perfect, it would block the many calls that I have to manually report and put on my YouMail block list. I know it's not your fault. What I'd like to see is a call screen type feature that I used to have on my home phone. A call gets intercepted before it even rings my phone, the caller listens to a recording and has to press a key to ring through to me. After they press the key (which may change each time so it's not predictable), then my phone rings and I can be sure it's not a spammer calling me. I'm sure there's a limit to what Android OS will let you do and this is probably not allowed. Something has to be done to eliminate ALL spam callers. Or, if I'm off base here and not using your app correctly, let me know. I use my mobile phone for work and can't set it to block callers not in my contact list. Unless..... I use my work phone app (Microsoft Teams) to receive work calls if it can bypass any phone security settings. If I could set my phone to only accept calls from people in my contacts, but use the Teams app for work, that might be a solution. Though not one I'd prefer.
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Nice to not have to pau to see in text what they said
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Superb. Very neat interface. Solid design and flawless operation. Winner!
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