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Hi, this is Christine from National disability. I'm calling cause you had inquired about applying for monthly social security Disability benefits. Now if you could call me back at the number we called you from we can get private of your application for monthly disability one now if you're already receiving those benefits or something about it thanks for your social security benefits. This is Bernice. Hi. My name is Christine from there. If you want to get some more or it's not all as at 771000 thanks and have a great.


Hello this is our final attempt to reach you to be qualify for assistance. That helps pay for your health insurance through the market place. The government issued emergency order reopening the health insurance market place and in most cases your monthly premium will be from one dollars to $20 per month. Please press zero now to be transferred to a license agent. If we have reached you in error please press nine now to be removed.


Hi, this is Christine calling again from National disability and I'm trying to reach you because if you're interested in applying for months and social security Disability benefits. Please call me back as soon as possible. The number we saw and we can try to get started on your application.

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No message left -- caller "Potential Spam" hung up after four rings (or was blocked or was a robocalled system which got some mark to pick up...). This site was the ONLY legitimate hit in a Google search, BTW (the rest were completely bogus).

Jane Doe
10/10/22 7:42 PM

block Spam 510-322-2497

Hi my name is Sam with PAS Insurance how are you doing today. Can you hear me.

A YouMail Subscriber
7/2/21 6:14 AM

block Spam 510-322-8002

Luna Financial in reverse number check

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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