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(478) 215-0503 was a Health Insurance Spam

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Hi, this is the health center again, it's not too late to see if you qualify for free health insurance recent law changes are saving Americans everyday on their healthcare please call 855-663-1617 to go over your options. The process is quick and easy again, that's 855-663-1617.


Hi this is Jess with the Health Center. It's important you know that you may qualify for free health insurance. They're very affordable options available with the top insurance carriers in your state. Please call 855-663-1615 and let's see how we can help you today.


Hi, this is Jamie from the vehicle service department hope your day. We have sent you several notifications on extending your cars warranty, but didn't hear back which would like to extend your coverage. You have been added to our do not call list good bye.


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(478) 215-0503

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I LOVE this YouMail. I have used it for a long time and the features come in so handy. Love the call blocking with disconnect message, love that it has many things I've never seen a voicemail ap before. Love the way it sends known spam right to the spam holder. It had blocked so many of these calls and it tells you who it is and what kinda scam it is. I tell everyone I know about it.
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Only thing that would make it better is the caller Id portion
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Going downhill Earlier versions worked great but recently I can't access my voicemails half the time and when I do it takes a long time to download, also if you don't have a 3G network available you can't access your Vmails when, in earlier versions, all you had to do was call yourself and now that option is gone. About to cancel!!!