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Hi, mister advocates their it looks like you recently inquired about getting some help online with your Medicare insurance we work with all of the available carriers in your area like how are you use the best plan for you please give us a call back and let us know we can help you with to hear from you soon take care bye bye.


Hi this is Jerry from olympia(?) Tax. I'm calling to inform you that new US this is tax credits are available that can be substantial funding for your business. If you were actively in business during 2020 and 2021 and have W-2 employees. This is tax credits can provide your business with up to $26,000 for each of those employees. These credits provide funding directly from the US government that can be use for any reason and do not have to be paid back if you qualify there's no upfront fee to process and submit your application in a very reasonable back and see once you receive in cash or checks. For more information on how to qualify for the new business tax credits call 323-880-4746 now.


Hey it's Jeff and I am following up with the financial hardship department. I'm not sure if you have spoken to an assigned agent yet regarding our hardship program but I do see there is a good possibility for hardship elimination. So what I'm going to do is put this in a pending status and if you have about five minutes today go ahead and give me a call back so we can go over the details. My number is 833-888-1211 and I'll be here until 4:30 today Pacific Time. Again my number is 833-888-1211. Thank you.

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Spoof of a disconnected number made by criminal scammers attempting a fraud call to a DNC phone .

8/20/21 11:36 AM

Called but left no voice mail. Now it's blocked.

Got called
5/6/21 1:28 PM

What is Portfolio Recovery? Why do they call me? I'm on Do Not Call List and I do not owe anything to anyone.

Sam Davis
2/19/21 4:09 PM

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