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Hi have you told the Department of Public social services what you want yeah just your-group(?) program wants to know what social media site you want to receive grow news and information visit our grow website at forward slash TN dash jobs/grow.html and.


Hi this is the Department of Public Social Services with an important reminder. You are a GR recipient who is gonna see were able to work and required to participate in the group program starting June 1 2023. You must participate in grow appointments or activity scheduled for you or you will lose your GR benefit. If you are not able to participate in grow because of a mental or physical health condition. Contact the SS right away. If you are unable to work due to a mental or physical health condition. You must submit a verification of your condition to be PSS. Please have your doctor complete the physical or mental health verification forms are available on the general release page on the DPS is website at and return to DPS test. If you have a mental health condition. I don't have a provider you can call 866-613-3777 to schedule an appointment with the Department of mental health clinician to conduct a mental health assessment. To verify your condition. If you have any questions or need he...


Hello this is CPS calling with an important message. General release terminations(?) ... start June 2023. To continue to receive your benefits be sure to submit required forms and documents on time. If your case is terminated. You will receive a notice of action to inform you of the recent questions give me a call our customer service center at 866-613-3777.

Recent Reports for 424-405

4244055908 called multiple times. Turns out to be a scammer using caller ID masking to appear to be from DPSS. The fact that this is illegal adds to my anger. People, listen to me. Do as I did: 1a) Go to your voicemail settings, and reset the custom voice message to the default automatic message. This prevents scammers from getting your name, which helps them appear legit. 1b) If you didnt need to do the above, then you remove the dpss number from your contacts. Doing so will aid in the next step. 2) when a random number calls, DON'T ANSWER! Most scammers dont bother with the voicemail, relying on a bot to do so. But oftentimes, the bot starts early, before the recording. Therefore, when you listen to the voicemail, if it sounds like it starts halfway through a sentence, before repeating, all you need to do is delete it.

7/26/23 11:57 AM

Los Angeles County Department of Social Services

6/14/23 3:12 PM

I think the number is legit, but they keep calling and calling and calling. They're worse than telemarketers. They never leave a voicemail, which is also annoying. If you're trying to reach me so badly, then leave a message.

Jake Simon
5/18/23 9:04 AM

Why TF they gotta call me at 7:00 am?

2/15/23 7:05 AM

Department of Social Services -Customer Service Line

A YouMail Subscriber
12/16/22 4:19 PM

Department of health and social services la county

A YouMail Subscriber
6/2/22 1:01 PM

The number has been calling my phone 3 consecutive times. When i call back it just says the social security services and hang up.

6/1/22 12:49 PM

They texted me claiming they found my cat then wanted me to give them an additional cell number to verify the cat was mine.... really??? Did not use proper english. "I am really found it. When the code is matching Then I must call you." SCAM

4/25/22 5:56 AM

They don't say anything, just keeps calling my phone starting at 5:30 am everyday

2/10/22 11:22 AM

Scam Alert! Called at 8:31 on a Saturday. Then again at 8:42 & 8:53.

1/29/22 11:22 AM

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