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(419) 216-0713

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Hello, this message is fully intended for you we are calling from the legal department informed me that some suspicious activity related to your name. We are trying to reach you but unfortunately we missed your answer in order to conduct our legal department best. One so that we can discuss about your case file and take necessary action on the status and please please ask to hear from you and you will pay some legal consequences to connect now press one and you will be automatically connected the concern department by this phone officially notified. Thank you.


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(419) 216-0713

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This app has cut my spam calls by 90%. Make sure you report calls that get through so they can be added to the database. Updating: losing a star because after a few updates, I am unable to report spam calls. I can still add them to my blacklist but there is no way to report the spam calls. Customer service was responsive but ultimately not able to fix the issue. Looks like a developer problem.
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Still figuring out... I like it for now but I am still figuring out everything it does for me.
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Love it But it needs to do better by letting u know u have a voicemail

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