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Hello, this is a nationwide announcement regarding the litigation process happening with the us Presidential election. This means you only have a few months left to submit your paperwork to the Department of Education to be grandfathered in to the federal student loan forgiveness program. This is the only notification you will receive about this we currently have an available human representative to speak to you about this important event code 1-501-274-0454 this call now and and notification Mark is complete.


Hi, this is Quinn with the student Services department. I'm just following up in regards to your outstanding federal student loan balances. We've been trying to reach you because you're eligible for the federal student loans forgiveness program changes made in 2020. It's imperative that I speak with you as soon as possible since the student loan payment delay is about to come to an end you can reach me directly to discuss your option at 650-984-8878 again, that's six.


Hi, this is Sylvia and processing my phone number is 877-332-8350 and I came across your file on my desk and I did just want to reach out to offer assistance for your back owed IRS debt. We do have repayment or elimination programs available to help you and with the current economic situations. The qualifications may have been relax. I'm just in case again, my phone number is 87733283.


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(419) 216-0095

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