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Hello this is Margaret with the US Department of economic impact assistance how are you today. Okay I only need a moment of your time I'm actually working on getting some important information over to you about the new economic impact that elimination and alternative loan program. The economic impact loan program has been designed to condense all together your credit card debt by putting it into non-collectible status. If there are no upfront cost to join the program how.


From the self, employed administration. How are you doing today? Okay, it's open enrollment for 2023 and we work to switch an offer new health plan packages specifically designed for self, employed individuals added significant discount these unique health plans have lower co, pays and deductibles much more coverage and premiums are 30 to 50% lower than an average health plan a big savings, however enrollment and soon so can I go ahead and get this information out to you today. Okay, perfect. So what I'm going to do is connect you with my assistance. So you can be provided with the information and a quick and efficient manner. Okay. Just a moment connecting you now. Thanks for connecting the S B a approved health insurance plans have been designed for self, employed individuals keeping in mind that you work within a budget, you will see a significant savings on your monthly premiums as well as a more robust benefits package things like long, term hospitalization expanded prescription drug coverage doctors and specialist out of network and lower deductibles and co, pays just to name a few using the latest artificial intelligence automation, you are now able to obtain full details and an instant quote for these plans designed specifically for you and your situation. So to use this a automation to receive a quote. I need to have you write down the website. I will also deliver and S M S text with a link that will provide you the information and then the fish at manor would you like to hear the website and receive a text press one for yes or two for no. Thanks for connecting the S B a approved health insurance plans have been designed for self, employed individuals keeping in mind that you work within a budget you will see.


Hi, Danielle you a call from a dealer service Center. We recently noticed your cars extended warranty was going to Byron wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty expires in your coverage is forwarded this would make you financially responsible for all service repair press one now if you wish to attend or reinstating. The car is warranty. Once again press one now or press two to be placed on the do not call list or call 800 number at 833-304-1447 us before five that.


robocall scampaign facilitated by Airus Inc. robocall tsunami services cartel

Dingle Barry
9/18/23 4:34 PM

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This is one of the only visual voice mail apps that works with a tracfone. No problems installing and works great! It would be nice to have an indicator widget... Just a suggesting :)
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Simple elegance Great app. Simple and effective with some fun options if you are bold enough to use some of the canned greetings. Good stuff and a good example of why Android rules!
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