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(405) 336-0485 is a Tax Debt Reduction Scam

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Hey, it's Karen over at national tax advisory Services L L C we're at a plus bbb Randy company. This is a follow, up notification regarding the new zero tax relief program that's now open for enrollment. So the new zero tax a debt relief program. It allows you to eliminate while you are in taxes, because it's been deemed it temporarily non. Collectible so you must elect to enroll and the special enrollment period is now under way so to enroll in the zero tax elimination program. Please call me back at 985-239-2536 again. The number is 985-239-2536 thanks and look forward to hearing from you today bye for now.


Hey there, I guess I missed you it's Jessica over at national tax advisory Services LLC. So I tried you last week as well and this is a follow, up notification regarding the new zero tax program that's now open for you it looks like you possibly have some past money that's due which we can squash with this new deal. So basically it becomes non, collectible, but you must have elected to enroll this month. So give me a shout back at 831-204-4718 again, I'm to us from C C at 831-204-4718. Thank you and talk to you later today.


Hey, it's Cindy again from U S tax experts at 380-233-0489. Our file shows we have some good news for you about your hardship tax account, which will allow you to clear away any money owed from previous years filings. So this amount is no non, collectible given the new program. So give me a ring back so we. Can open through the end of the week again, my number is 380233.


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