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(405) 336-0226 is a Government Grant Scam

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Hi this is Jill. I need to speak with you regarding your pending employee retention credit. Your business could be entitled to receive a refund for up to $26,000 and free Capital back her W-2 employee. As a reminder that this program is limited and set to expire. To quickly confirm your eligibility for your refund. Please give us a call at 316-202-2316. Look forward to speaking with you and have a great day.


Hi this is Alley Jacobson. It looks like our records indicate that you qualify for a financial hardship loan taken eliminate credit card medical collections and personal debts over $10,000. Your approval code is 171022. I can only keep your approval open in my system for one more day. If you could call me as soon as possible at 240-597-2000. Again that's 240-597-2000. Thank you.


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(405) 336-0226

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